Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office Operation Crack Down on South Valley Speeders

BERNALILLO COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – Lapel video shows Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputies pulling over a speeding car down Coors in the South Valley. A stretch where some drivers see the speed limit only as a suggestion.

It’s all part of BCSO’s crackdown on speeders. The operation focused on Coors and Rio Bravo last week, where deputies stopped 48 drivers and issued 118 citations, including 42 for speeding.

For some drivers, they get a warning, which means no fines or court. BCSO says it is common in these operations as a way to encourage behavior change. Earlier this month, BCSO’s traffic unit targeted Paseo del Norte. Deputies stopped 60 drivers and issued more than 100 citations, half of which were for speeding.

More operations are planned for the metro, again including Paseo Del Norte and throughout the South Valley. BCSO has not specified where its next operations will be but said it will focus on areas of the county where street racing has been a reported problem.

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