Home News ‘Immigrant influencer’ in custody after legal loophole video

‘Immigrant influencer’ in custody after legal loophole video


(News Nation) — A man who came to the U.S. illegally from Venezuela is now in custody after he went viral for promoting and promoting free money from America. Other newcomers To take advantage of US laws protecting squatters.

In a TikTok video, Lionel Moreno, now says “Immigrants dominateexplained Squatting Law And advice on how to take advantage of them. His account has now been deleted from the platform.

“I learned there’s a law that says if a house is uninhabitable, we can take it,” he said. “Here in the U.S., terrain distortion also applies, and I think that will be my next business: raiding abandoned houses.”

Moreno entered the country illegally in Eagle Pass, Texas in April 2022 and was paroled, but authorities said he never showed up for his initial check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

When Moreno was initially processed, he was placed in the Alternatives to Detention program, where he was given a cell phone as a tracking device.

But because he didn’t follow the rules, Department of Homeland Security sources told News Nation he was listed as a pre-order fugitive and dropped from the program.

Those sources later confirmed to News Nation that Moreno is in custody.

Moreno is ordered to appear in a Florida court in February 2025, but authorities have had trouble tracking him down. The address he initially provided was for Catholic Charities in Miami, but sources said he now has a possible address listed in Ohio.

Also in Ohio, Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez is another man allegedly taking advantage of the system and exploiting intelligence gaps.

Law enforcement in Butler County, Ohio, said Garcia-Gutierrez used seven different names and three different dates of birth 11 times at Sheriff Richard Jones’ jail. According to Jones, Garcia-Gutierrez has been reported eight times, yet the 46-year-old is making a successful comeback.

of Garcia-Gutierrez Latest arrest Possession of drugs and weapons were for drug addiction and obstruction. His story isn’t the only one, Jones said. As of 2021, the county has placed nearly 1,000 immigrant detainees with ICE detainers.


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