Mayor of Nisa with clear conscience on blockchain accusation of power

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“We have an unmistakable soul. We are good, we follow the regulations. Reality will be replied”, can be perused in an explanation from the district, endorsed by the city chairman, shipped off the Lusa organization.

Maria Idalina Trindade responded to the report about the indictment of the MP at the Local Branch of Examination and Corrective Activity (DIAP) of evora for a situation connected with the attribution of an endowment to an affiliation.

As indicated by the allegation, which the Lusa organization approached today, in question is a sponsorship worth 160 thousand euros to the Relationship for the Improvement of Nisa (ADN) endorsed by the region, however which the recipient “won’t ever get”.

In the explanation, the city hall leader of Nisa demonstrated that “such a sum, in escudos 30 million escudos, had previously been paid, somewhere in the range of 1998 and 2001, as a trade-off for help for the extension” of the ADN offices.

The district, underlined the communist city chairman, too “dependable the ADN offices with the expectation of complimentary use while the work on the school place occurred, with no financial misfortune for that substance”.

“It was the previous city chairman who explicitly proposed the disavowal of the choice that, in 2013, dispensed 160,000 euros”, since the chamber “granted a sponsorship of 30 million escudos for growing the offices of Etaproni [Escola Tecnológica Artística e Profissional de Nisa]”, of which ADN was the proprietor, he added.

As per the Correctional Code, counseled by Lusa, in the event of conviction, the wrongdoing of maltreatment of force is rebuffed with “detainment of as long as three years [or] fine punishment” and, on account of city chairmen, may likewise suggest as extra punishment to loss of command.

The indictment demonstrated that the attribution of this sponsorship was collectively supported in a chamber meeting on June 3, 2013, during the past CDU organization.

The sum to be conveyed to the ADN would serve “as pay for supposed misfortunes connected with the non-utilization of a property that would be coordinated into a school community to be implicit that region”, can be perused in the report, dated the third of this current month.

The sum, he made sense of, was mulled over as a cost in the Incomparable Choices of the Arrangement (GOP) and in the Spending plan for 2014, yet Maria Idalina Trindade, as city chairman of the region, requested changes to made, conjure “monetary administration needs”.

The MP demonstrated that the respondent “taught for the withdrawal of the 160,000-euro appropriation to the ADN” and the monetary segment of the chamber arranged the proposition to correct the estimate records.

In the prosecution, it is referenced that the chairman, because of the difficulty of the city chamber meeting uncommonly, approved these spending plan and appointment changes, molding them to endorsement at the main standard gathering of the Nisa Board.

Be that as it may, the MP said, these recommendations for endorsement of the progressions acquainted with the GOP and the Spending plan “were not supported” at the chamber meeting hung on June 18, 2014.

“The respondent, rather than following the non-sanction of the progressions proposed by her in her dispatches and reestablishing the arrangement for crediting such an endowment to the ADN in the GOP and in the Spending plan for 2014 and ensuing years, didn’t do as such”, he underlined.

The MP thought about that the city chairman rolled out the improvements “produce results, in spite of not having been confirmed by the chamber, in opposition to the legitimate furthest reaches of her powers, which as leader of the chamber lawfully help her, and pursuing such a choice experience the ill effects of the deformity of cancellation “.

“Thus he kept up with the circumstance in the financial plans of the Nisa Chamber for the next years, propagating the viability of his choice as president not sanctioned by the city committee, as though it had been, prompting the ADN affiliation not getting such a sum, experiencing a misfortune comparing to the worth of the sponsorship that was predicted to be credited to him”, he added.


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